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IATI Travel Health Insurance

IATI Insurance is a company with a rich history in the travel health insurance industry, dating back to 1885. As a pioneering insurance brokerage, IATI has evolved over the last 130 years, adapting its services to cater to modern travel needs. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality and excellence has made it a leader in the sector, providing a personalized experience for over 500,000 satisfied customers.

At IATI, the belief is in combining the human touch with technological innovation. With a dedicated human team and cutting-edge technology, IATI offers seamless services that bring the company closer to its valued clients. From traditional communication methods to the convenience of the website, social networks, chat, and the user-friendly App, IATI strives to make insurance accessible and efficient.

Not only is IATI committed to its clients, but the company is also dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment. IATI proudly contributes a percentage of each insurance sale to the Nen Deu Foundation, supporting projects that promote sustainable travel and a respectful approach to our planet.

With a legacy of 130+ years in the insurance industry, IATI continues to embrace innovation, ensuring it meets the needs of its clients in the years to come. The focus remains on providing top-quality services and products, allowing travelers to embark on their adventures with confidence and security. Experience the IATI difference and unlock your next adventure – get a quote now and enjoy 5% off on travel health insurance!

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

IATI - Travel Medical Insurance Packages

Discover the best travel insurance international package that suits your trip with IATI! Whether you’re planning a short holiday or embarking on an adventurous backpacking journey, we have you covered.

  1. IATI Basic: Enjoy peace of mind with essential coverage designed for short holidays of up to 30 days.
  2. IATI Standard: Get medium-level coverage with €300,000 for medical expenses, ensuring you’re protected during your travels.
  3. IATI Backpacker: For the daring adventurers exploring the world solo, our backpacker insurance offers high medical coverage and full coverage for sports and adventure activities, including search and rescue.
  4. IATI Star: Our most comprehensive insurance package with up to €4,800,000 medical assistance. Perfect for destinations with high medical costs like the US, Canada, Japan, or Southeast Asia.
  5. IATI Cancellation Premium: Stay worry-free with coverage for trip cancellation expenses, up to €6,000.

Choose the ideal travel health insurance package for your journey and travel with confidence. With IATI, you’re in safe hands.

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IATI Basic

Introducing IATI Basic – a low-cost travel medical insurance designed for short holidays of up to 30 days.

With €50,000 in medical expenses coverage, this policy offers the peace of mind of having minimum medical assistance and basic coverage. Perfect for budget-conscious travelers exploring Europe and Spain, IATI Basic provides the best value for money in medical assistance. Travel with confidence knowing you’re protected with essential coverage at an affordable price.

Coverage TypeCoverage Amount
Medical Assistance€50,000
Dental Expenses€100
Personal Injury in Motor Vehicle AccidentsIncluded
Chronic, Pre-existing, or Congenital Conditions – Life-threatening EmergenciesIncluded
Accommodation/Transport of a Relative€420
Delivery of Medication AbroadIncluded
Convalescence in a Hotel€588
Repatriation or transportation of the sick or deceased100%
Early Return due to Hospitalisation or Death of a Family Member100%
Repatriation or Transportation of Other Insured Parties100%
Theft and Damage to Luggage€500
Locating and Sending Lost LuggageIncluded
Delay in Delivery of Checked Baggage€90
Urgent Message ForwardingIncluded
Private Civil Liability€30,000
Criminal Liability Defense Abroad€3,000
Accidental Death Cover€6,000
Accidental Disability Cover€6,000

IATI Basic offers essential coverage at an affordable price, ensuring you have peace of mind during your short holiday travels.

How to get Travel Insurance today? Head on to IATI’s official website.

IATI Standard

IATI Standard – your go-to choice for medium level coverage, catering to all types of trips.

With €300,000 in medical expenses coverage, including COVID-19, this policy is perfect for short and medium journeys. In addition to classic complementary coverage like repatriation and luggage protection, you can add optional cancellation cover of up to €1,500. Enjoy peace of mind and flexibility with IATI Standard, designed to meet your diverse travel needs.

Coverage SummaryAmount Covered
Medical Assistance Abroad€300,000
Dental Expenses€350
Personal Injury in Motor Vehicle AccidentsIncluded
Chronic, Pre-existing, or Congenital Conditions – Life Threatening EmergenciesIncluded
Accommodation/Transport of a Relative€750
Delivery of Medication AbroadIncluded
Convalescence in a Hotel€1,050
Repatriation or transportation of the sick or deceased100%
Early Return Due to Hospitalisation or Death of a Family Member100%
Repatriation or Transportation of Other Insured Parties100%
Early Return Due to Major Casualty at the Insured Party’s Home/Business Establishment€500
Theft and Damage to Luggage€1,000
Locating and Sending Lost LuggageIncluded
Delay in Delivery of Checked Baggage€120
Delivery of Forgotten Items During the Trip€60
Delayed departure of the means of transport€180
Urgent Message ForwardingIncluded
Cash Advances Abroad€1,000
Private Civil Liability€60,000
Criminal Liability Defence Abroad€3,000
Claims for Damages Abroad€2,000
Claims for Service Contracts Abroad€2,000
Claims for Purchase Contracts Abroad€2,000
Accidental Death Cover€6,000
Accidental Disability Cover€6,000
Cancellation (Optional)Cancellation Costs up to €1,500

IATI Backpacker

IATI Backpacker For the Adventure of Discovering the World by Yourself

Embark on a thrilling journey with IATI Backpacker, adventure travel insurance specially designed for backpackers seeking excitement and new horizons.

With high medical coverage of €500,000, including COVID-19, and additional options like adventure sports premium, search and rescue, and computer equipment coverage, you’ll be prepared for any adventure that comes your way. Stay worry-free and extend your trip with ease, as you explore fascinating destinations in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and beyond.
Note: This policy is not valid for travelers over 70 years old.

Medical Assistance€500,000
Dental Expenses€350
Personal Injury in Motor Vehicle AccidentsIncluded
Chronic, Pre-existing, or Congenital Conditions – Life-threatening EmergenciesIncluded
Accommodation/Transport of a Relative€600
Delivery of Medication AbroadIncluded
Convalescence in a Hotel€840
Repatriation or Transportation of the Sick or Deceased100%
Early Return Due to Hospitalization or Death of a Family Member100%
Repatriation or Transportation of Other Insured Parties100%
Theft and Damage to Luggage€1,500
Delay in Delivery of Checked Baggage€300
Delivery of Forgotten Items During the Trip100%
Missing Connections to the Means of Transport€90
Delayed Departure of the Means of Transport€270
Cancellation of the Departure of the Means of Transport Due to a Strike€90
Adventure Sports PremiumIncluded
Search and Rescue€15,000
Urgent Message ForwardingIncluded
Mandatory Travel Extension€500
Private Civil Liability€60,000
Accidental Death Cover€6,000
Accidental Disability Cover€6,000
Cancellation Costs (Optional)€2,000

Explore the world with excitement and confidence, knowing that IATI Backpacker has your back during your daring adventures!

Looking for answers about Travel Health Insurance? Head over to our Travel Medical Insurance FAQ page.

IATI Star: Best Travel Insurance International

IATI Star Comprehensive Coverage for Your International Adventures

Embark on a journey filled with confidence, knowing you have the most comprehensive international travel health insurance at your side – IATI Star.

Tailored for trips to the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, this policy offers extensive medical expenses coverage of up to €4,800,000 – one of the highest limits in the market. It’s specially designed for travel to countries with high medical costs, providing you with peace of mind throughout your voyage.

With optional cancellation and coverage for adventure sports and cruise ships, IATI Star ensures you’re protected from unexpected disruptions. Embrace thrilling experiences, from exploring breath-taking landscapes to engaging in exhilarating activities, all while having the assurance of top-notch travel insurance.

Coverage AreaAmount Covered
Medical Assistance€1.000. 000
Dental expenses€500
Personal injury in motor vehicle accidentsIncluded
Chronic, pre-existing, or congenital conditionsIncluded
Accommodation/Transport of a relative€1,400
Delivery of medication abroadIncluded
Convalescence in a hotel€1,400
Repatriation or transportation of the sick or deceased100%
Early return due to hospitalization or death of a family member100%
Repatriation of the other insured parties100%
Early return due to a major casualty at the insured party’s home/business establishment€1,000
Theft and damage to luggage€2,500
Locating and sending lost luggageIncluded
Delay in delivery of checked baggage€300
Delivery of forgotten items during the trip€120
Refunds for Delays 
Missing connections to the means of transport€350
Delayed departure of the means of transport€300
Loss of the means of transport due to an accident en route€150
Change of initially booked air services€200
Reimbursement for missed holidays€2,000
Adventure sportsIncluded
Help in Case of Emergency 
Urgent message forwardingIncluded
Costs for loss of travel documents€200
Cash advances abroad€3,000
Extended stay due to natural disasters€1,000
Legal Coverage 
Private civil liability€60,000
Criminal liability defense abroad€3,000
Claims for damages abroad€3,000
Claims for service contracts abroad€3,000
Claims for purchase contracts abroad€3,000
Accidental death cover€4,000
Accidental disability cover€18,000
Cancellation (Optional) 
Cancellation costs€5,000

Embark on extraordinary adventures, explore new horizons, and cherish unforgettable moments with IATI Star guarding your every step. Travel with confidence and embrace the world’s wonders! 🌎✈️

IATI Cancellation Premium: Cancel for any reason

IATI Cancellation PremiumTo cover the costs of canceling a trip

Secure your travel investment with IATI Cancellation Premium – a specialized travel cancellation insurance designed to cover expenses up to €6,000, ensuring you’re financially protected in case you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. This comprehensive policy covers a wide range of reasons for cancellation, providing you with peace of mind and flexibility.

Whether it’s for health, legal, work, or other extraordinary reasons, IATI Cancellation Premium has you covered. Be it medical appointments, unforeseen illness, company bankruptcy, or even unexpected visa refusal, this insurance ensures you can confidently plan your trip without worries.

Contract this insurance at any time, and its coverage will depend on the date of your trip’s booking. If taken out within 7 days of booking, all causes of cancellation will be covered after a 7-day waiting period. The cost is calculated based on your contracted amount of cancellation expenses, tailoring the insurance to suit your specific needs.

Cancellation ReasonsAmount Covered
Legal Reasons 
Driving licence revokedIncluded
Handover of an adopted childIncluded
Police retention of the insured for non-criminal reasonsIncluded
Summons for divorce proceedingsIncluded
Traffic fineIncluded
Unexpected visa refusalIncluded
Call to attend a civil or criminal court hearingIncluded
Call to polling station dutyIncluded
Call to sign official documentsIncluded
Health Reasons 
Appointment for an organ transplantIncluded
Call to undergo surgery or emergency medical testsIncluded
Death, hospitalization, or serious illnessIncluded
Due to quarantine as a result of COVID-19 and by medical prescriptionIncluded
Due to side effects suffered by the Insured as a consequence of the coronavirus vaccine, authorised by the OMS, and which in the opinion of the insurer’s medical team make it impossible for the Insured to travel on the planned dateIncluded
If the INSURED gives a positive result in medical tests for coronavirus disease (Covid-19)Included
In the event of serious coronavirus disease (Covid-19) of a relative to the first degreeIncluded
Medical quarantineIncluded
Premature birth or unforeseen complications in pregnancyIncluded
Extraordinary Reasons 
Company receivership or bankruptcyIncluded
Disaster or epidemic zoneIncluded
Serious damage at home or business premisesIncluded
Urgent incorporation to the armed forces, police, or fire serviceIncluded
Airline hijackingIncluded
Work Reasons 
Starting a new jobIncluded
Official competition date published after taking out the policyIncluded
Labor dismissal of the insured parentsIncluded
Forced relocationIncluded
Extension of employment contractIncluded
Collective dismissalIncluded
Other Reasons 
Cancellation of travel companion insured in the same policy for one of these reasonsIncluded
Cancellation of wedding ceremonyIncluded
Change of school in the school year underwayIncluded
Documentation or baggage theft preventing the start of the journeyIncluded
Grant of official scholarshipsIncluded
Income tax payment demand of over €600Included
Side effects of vaccination required for a tripIncluded
Similar journey and/or stay won in public drawIncluded

With IATI Cancellation Premium, enjoy the freedom to explore the world while safeguarding your travel plans. Travel confidently, knowing you’re protected against unforeseen disruptions! ✈️🗺️

IATI Air Help

IATI Air HelpYour Flight Compensation Ally

IATI Air Help is an exclusive service tailored to IATI clients, aiming to assist you in claiming the compensation you may be entitled to in the event of flight cancellations, delays, or missed connections. As a complement to our travel assistance policies, IATI Air Help ensures you receive the compensation you deserve, providing you with peace of mind during your travels.

Flight disruptions can be stressful, but with IATI Air Help, you can navigate the complexities of air passenger rights effortlessly. Our service adheres to specific laws like Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council and the Montreal Convention. These laws grant you the potential to claim compensation of up to €600 in certain circumstances.

When you choose IATI Air Help, rest assured that our expertise will work in your favour, advocating for your rights as a passenger. This service is available as an add-on during your insurance purchase process, starting from just €5.95.

RouteEU AirlineNon-EU Airline
Within the EU
Within the EU
Outside the EU
Outside the EU

Non-Covered Extraordinary Circumstances: While IATI Air Help can assist with various flight disruptions, certain circumstances fall outside an airline’s liability and, thus, might not be covered by current laws. These include strikes initiated by airport or air traffic control employees (excluding strikes by the airline’s own staff), political instability, inclement weather, and security risks.

Type of DisruptionCompensation Limit
Delayed Flight 
All flights up to 1,500 km€250
Flights over 1,500 km within the EU€400
Flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km outside the EU€400
Flights over 1,500 km outside the EUUp to €600
Cancelled FlightUp to €600
Missed ConnectionsUp to €600
Baggage ProblemsVariable

With IATI Air Help by your side, claim the compensation you deserve for flight disruptions, ensuring a smoother and hassle-free travel experience. Fly confidently, knowing we’ve got you covered every step of the way! ✈️🌟

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